Edge Explorers

Edge Explorers, Who are we, What do we do?               

Edge Explorer Scouts are a new and rather unique unit of the Explorer Scout Section and was defined at the meeting of the ESU Scout Council on the 01/October 2010 at 6th Wilmslow Scout HQ

We  meet once a month at Alderley Edge Scout HQ in Alderley Edge on the First Friday of every month between 7:45pm and 9:15pm

The Timberwolf  badge was inspired by the legand that that they have become, often referred to as the “Sentinels or Guardians of the Forests” they have adapted to different lives across the world, from the frozen wastelands of Russia to the sun baked plains of the North America Indians. Records of Timberwolves in Britain date back to 640AD, unfortunately they were eradicated in England before the reign of Henry VII begun, and with the depletion and eventual destruction of their habitats have never returned to England. Until Now

We practice traditional scouting  skills using modern techniques

The Group Ethos is:-


1. To learn and practice Leave No Trace (LNT) Camping Skills


2. To learn and practice forest and backwoods skills


3. To practice self-reliance and independence


4. To develop a greater awareness of our environment and work to protect the integrity of the forest campsites that we use


5. To get involved with conservation projects run by English Heritage, National Trust and the WWL Organisation


6. To pass on and teach the skills we learnt to others


7. And above all else “ To Have Fun”